3D Face Treatment by Dr Israr KJ Wong

3D Face Treatment by Dr Israr KJ Wong

Previously, it was a taboo to let others know that you have had ‘something done’ to your face. Nowadays, with the advent of better scientific and medical products and machines for aesthetic use, it has become commonplace for most people to walk into an aesthetic clinic and then come out less than 30 minutes later with enhanced, beautiful facial features.

What makes up a beautiful face?

A beautiful face needs to have a nice heart-shaped / V-shaped frame ( full round cheeks with adequate volume and a small dainty pointed chin ), with a high, defined sharp nose-bridge. The face is preferable slim to enhance the V-shaped contour, with nice curves defining the silhouette of the face (also known as the ogee curves). The temples, forehead, cheeks and under-eye area should have more than adequate volume to look young.

BTX can be used to weaken the chewing muscles (also known as masseters) at the lower side of our faces. These muscles, when strong, bulges out at the side of one’s face like round hard rocks, making one’s face look squarish, creating near right angles to people’s faces.

Fillers can easily fill up flat cheeks to restore the roundish volumised cheeks that shouts ‘youthfulness’, or to augment slightly flat nose-bridges or downward pointing nose tips. They can also be injected to make one’s chin more V-shaped and pointed. Of note is the nose bridge enhancement as that is the centre dominant feature of anyone’s face. A strong nice projected nose with a defined bridge and tip draws all the visual attention and makes one not pay so much close attention to the sides.

For chubby saggy cheeks, Ulthera is suitable to lift the saggy face and neck tissues and Dr Israr Wong also fires more Ulthera shots at the chubby areas to reduce the fats slightly and contour those chubby areas nicely. PDO (polydioaxone – dissolvable) threads used in threadlifting can also sculpt the face into a thinner, heart-shaped space.

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