3D Face Treatment

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Have you ever thought about plastic surgery to improve your looks but rejected the thought immediately due to the downtime and pain involved?

If there were treatments that could enhance your facial features and looks without the downtime and excessive pain of surgery, and all it took was just 15 minutes, would that be the big game-changer for you?

Read on about The Knightsbridge Clinic’s 3D Face Treatment, because in his hands, medical aesthetics treatments today are able to achieve that.

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What makes up a beautiful face (general consensus for the Asian culture)?:

1. Heart-shaped frame

2. Slim

3. Full of Ogee Curves (full round cheeks, full temples, V-shaped chin)

4. High, defined and sharp nose-bridge

5. V-shaped pointy chin

6. Pouty, voluminous, kissable lips ( for ladies)


The 3D Face Treatment consists of enhancing the three dimensional structure of the face and emphasizing the Ogee curves of the forehead, cheeks and chin. It also includes creating the desired heart-shaped face of attractiveness and youth. The main tools of such ‘facial sculpting’ are BTX and Fillers.

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Tool 1 : BTX A treatments


BTX A is more well-known for removing dynamic wrinkles. In the hands of an experienced doctor, BTX can be used to slim the face. The BTX A FaceSlim Treatment weakens the chewing muscles (known as masseters) at the lower sides of our faces. These muscles, when strong, bulges out at the side of one’s face like round hard rocks, making one’s face look squarish, creating near right angles on people’s faces.

When BTX A slims these muscles down, one would regain the V-shaped contour of the jaw. BTX can also be used to create a mini ‘facelift’ called the ‘BTX A Lift’. Our doctor places small amounts of BTX A at the jawline and upper neck area to relax the platysma muscle to create the ‘Nefertiti Lift’ (so-called due to Nefertiti’s extremely sharp jawline). He also places BTX A at the exact locations of the downward-pulling muscles of the face, to allow the upward-pulling muscles to pre-dominate in action and strength slightly, resulting in a ‘Lifting’ effect.

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Tool 2 : Fillers treatments

Fillers are traditionally used to fill up permanent lines and wrinkles on the face. Current trends are about ‘Re-Volumizing’ areas of our face that lost volume with aging. These usually include the cheeks, chins, temples and foreheads.  Restoring volume to these areas lets one regain ‘youthfulness’ and lose 5-10 years off their faces. Fillers are also used to augment flat nose-bridges or downward pointing nose tips. This is called a ‘Non-surgical Rhinoplasty’.

They can also be injected to make one’s chin more V-shaped and pointed. Of note is the nose bridge enhancement as that is the centre dominant feature of anyone’s face. A strong nice projected nose with a defined bridge and tip draws all the visual attention to the centre of the face, and makes one not pay much attention to the sides.

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Tool 3 : Korean V Lift

For chubby cheeks with saggy facial tissues, you can opt for the Korean V Lift. They are basically PDO and PLLA (dissolvable) threads used in surgery, and are safe and has good tightening effects. Basically, the threads dissolves after 1 year but the tightening and slimming effects will last for 1-2 years. Ultra V Thread-lifting is the most effective non-surgical treatment to regain a slimmer, youthful face without Surgery.
One will notice the instant ‘slimming’ and tightening right after surgery and the results improve even more over the next 1 year. Look like a much better-looking yourself in just 15 minutes with the 3D Face Treatment.

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