Acne Scarring and Treatment

Acne Scarring And Treatment

Previously, I had discussed about how to treat active acne flare here.

Now, let’s focus on the consequences of acne : Acne marks and scars. These are very common due to poor treatment of acne. The common areas affected are the cheeks and temples.

There are a few kinds of acne scars :
a. flat (pigmented, usually known to laymen as blemishes)
b. depressed (ice-pick / boxcar / rolling)
c. raised (hypertrophic / keloid)

Pigmented acne scars

Pigmented acne scars are not real scars. The skin structure is not disturbed and they appear as dark, round circles. They occur because of the increased pigment production during the active acne period. If left alone, they usually lighten after 6 months or more. To reduce it faster, Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers ( also known as pigmentation laser) or medium-strength chemical peels (like Jessner’s Peels) and doctor creams will accelerate the process.

Depressed acne scars

Depressed acne scars are due to the abnormal thickening of the scar tissue under the skin due to the poor healing process of an acne flare. They are classified into ice-pick, boxcar and rolling.

Ice-pick acne scars

Ice-pick scars are deep pits that are usually less than 2mm across. They extend deep into the skin, giving the appearance of having been punctured by an ice pick. These scars are the hardest to treat as they extend into the deep layers of the skin.

An ablative laser (like Pixel Pro-hyperlink to Pixel Pro Laser page- to create if not up yet) is definitely needed to remodel the deep scarring of these scars. I set the laser at long pulse mode and at higher energy with stacking to go deeper to eradicate these scars. The downtime of treatment will definitely be longer than Pixel Pro when used to treat the more superficial scars. The patient usually needs around 5-7 days of downtime.

Having said that, that downtime is nothing compared to the amazing results thereafter.

Boxcar scars

Boxcar scars are angular scars with sharp vertical edges (like a small box-car toy) and resemble the scars left by chicken pox. They may be shallow or deep, and are most commonly found on the cheeks and temples. They can be treated with Pixel Pro(hyperlink to Pixel Pro laser page) and/or Jessner's Peel.

They can also be filled with Restylane Skin-boosters. For Restylane Skinboosters, an initial course of 3 sessions, done once every month, is needed. The skin boosters plump up the skin at the box-car scars and raise the depressions ( thus restoring the height of the scars) and stimulate new collagen production in the process over 3-6 months.

Rolling scars

Rolling scars are wide and shallow. They are caused by damage under the surface of the skin. They give the skin a wave-like appearance. They can be treated with Pixel Pro and/or Jessner's Peel.

Raised acne scars

Raised acne scars are also known as hypertrophic / keloid scars. They happen to people who are prone to such scars, even on the rest of the body. Recommended treatment is injecting steroid solutions into the centre of the raised scars. It is recommended to repeat this every month for 3-4 times. The scar will lighten in colour and become flatter after the injections. Few sessions are needed, and results may vary in individuals with regards to the maximum extent of reduction of the scars.

How to get started

It is best to consult with me in person, so that I may accurately assess your acne scarring and recommend the best course of treatment for your acne scars, and a personalised package will be tailored to your condition and schedule. Regain your confidence. Remove those acne scars today.

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