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4 week calecim professional set with multi-action cream

Calecim Professional consists of 80% concentration Stem Cell Serums and is only available at a doctor’s clinic



In 2004, the scientists at CellResearch Corporation discovered a new source of nutrients in the Umbilical Cord Lining Membrane – the outermost ‘skin’ of the mammalian umbilical cord. With this scientific breakthrough, CALECIM®, was invented and first introduced to the cosmeceutical world.

Today, after over ten years of research and development, CALECIM®, is renowned for its patented technology. CALECIM® contains a refined formulation of proteins and nutrients in a conditioned media, which are methodically derived from Umbilical Cord Lining from red deer. (No animals were harmed in the process). All to bring you a REVOLUTIONARY NEVER-BEFORE skin solution to fight signs of ageing skin.






As you age, your cells age too. Exposure to the sun and pollution aggravate skin aging and further weakens your skin cells. When that happens, your skin regeneration cycle slows down from a healthy 28 days to 40 days or longer. Dead and unhealthy skin cells which should be shed are not, and this results in wrinkle lines, thinned skin, pigmentation and dryness. In other words, aged skin.

What CALECIM® can do in just 4 weeks is to provide the nutrients to aid your skin restore its natural renewal cycle. We call this a skin reset – our cell-free conditioned media activates provide your body with the required nutrients to restore your skin cell cycle to its original, youthful state by creating the perfect environment for your skin to produce the essential nutrients for a youthful appearance. And the best part of what CALECIM® is doing is effectively improving the healthy appearance of your skin.


Calecim Cream with Beautiful woman


NEW! CALECIM® Professional Restorative Hydration Cream


CALECIM® Professional Restorative Hydration Cream is formulated with potent and concentrated active ingredients that have dramatic anti-ageing effects on skin.

How it works
CALECIM® Professional Restorative Hydration Cream provides skin with essential nutrients that visibly rejuvenates skin, revealing youth and radiance. It works on a multitude of skin ageing symptoms by restoring epidermal cell turn-over to an ideal 28 days. There is observed improvement of skin tone, overall firmness and reduced appearance of fine lines.

Key Ingredients

  • Soluble Collagen: Provides skin with strength, shape and form
  • Albumin: Maintains skin turgor and fullness
  • Fibronectin: Binds to collagen, thus increasing its strength
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Binds to water molecules to firm up skin
  • Consolidated Peptides or Gylcoproteins: Play an important role in intercellular cross-talk; Important in the delivery of ‘skin rejuvenating’ messages


  • Visibly lifts and firms the skin
  • Restores skin elasticity
  • Rejuvenates skin

CALECIM® Professional Restorative Hydration Cream is now being dispensed by the Knightsbridge Clinic. Price: $300/50ml


We recommend to use CALECIM® Professional Restorative Hydration Cream (a pearl sized quantity) twice daily at home, after application of toner.




The recommended protocol is :

  • 1 vial of concentrated 80% serum to be used once a week on the face and neck
  • A course of  treatment consists of 4 sessions ( 1 month’s duration)
  • Repeat the process 3-6 months later for maintenance of the achieved effects.






Calecim Set (lower concentrations and different labelling from the Professional Series)

The Calecim PROFESSIONAL Set :

A. Only available at doctors’ clinics

B. Contains 80% Stem Cell Serums

C. Contains a more concentrated Calecim Professional Multi-Action Cream


The Calecim (normal) Set :

A. Available online

B. Contains 60% Stem Cell Serums

C. Contains a less concentrated Calecim Multi-Action Cream than the Professional range


The concentrations available in the PROFESSIONAL Set are much higher than the normal set retailed online, which brings about faster and better results for the same treatment process. That means there would be a stronger de-pigmentation effect and the skin regenerated is much healthier, supple and radiant-looking. Why go through the same treatment process and get lesser results?


Choose the CALECIM® PROFESSIONAL SET today. It is available at The Knightsbridge Clinic.

CALECIM  is available at The Knightsbridge Clinic. You can choose to perform the treatment at home or in the clinic. The results are usually better for the in-clinic protocol as we use better delivery methods of the serums, with direct delivery to the skin layer via electrophoration or direct placement with a machine with micro-needles.

The Professional Calecim Set contains 6 vials and costs $600 now! Please SMS or Call +65 9730 9399 to make an appointment for enquiries and purchases.


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