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ARTAS Robotic FUE Hair Transplant


Transform Your Life With An ARTAS Hair Transplant

ARTAS® physician-assisted Robotic Hair Transplantation is the latest advancement in the field of surgical hair restoration/transplant and the Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE technique of hair follicle harvesting. By leveraging the latest technology, the ARTAS system enhances and extends the artistic and surgical abilities of experienced hair loss and hair transplant doctors at The Knightsbridge Clinic. During a robotic FUE hair transplant procedure, the ARTAS software and hardware system automates the harvesting of permanent follicular unit grafts from the “donor area,” or back and sides of the scalp, with incredible accuracy, with transection rates of less than 5%. The ARTAS system can also assist in automated Recipient Site Making soon. In addition, the ARTAS Hair Studio helps enhance patient-surgeon communication by providing computer 3D preview imaging of expected hair transplant results.

Basically, an ARTAS Robotic FUE Hair Transplant (ARTAS FUE HT) is the Future of Hair Transplants, available TODAY at The Knightsbridge Clinic.


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The ARTAS robotic hair transplants system helps accurately harvest intact, healthy and viable hair follicles from the donor area located in the back and sides of the scalp. There are 4 cameras in a stereoscopic system that continuously evaluates the hair follicle direction 100 times a minute. The ARTAS System utilizes a software program to “map” the donor area and relay the image to a larger screen. Using a patented algorithm, the ARTAS then identifies each follicular unit in the donor region and determines its individual orientation, direction, angle, distribution pattern, and position in the overall scalp, in order to ensure the most accurate angle of punching a circle around the hair follicle unit, without touching the hair graft, its bulb and its accompanying tissue.

The hair robot can harvest up to 1000-1200 grafts / hour with the new 3000 rpm version at The Knightsbridge Clinic, which is the newest and most advanced version in Singapore ( Do check with your clinic whether they are using the latest version of the robot). The ARTAS software can also help provide a 3D computer preview imaging of your desired results during consultation, allowing to preview how a hair transplant will turn out for you.


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Patients choose minimally-invasive robotic FUE hair transplantation with the ARTAS system (which is also the only FDA-approved system) for a number of important reasons. First, they want the benefit of FUE—the no-scalpel, no-stitch technique of harvesting of follicles from the donor area that leaves absolutely NO linear scar to hide.

Secondly, they understand that ARTAS robotic assisted harvesting improves the accuracy and precision of the graft-harvesting process for FUE. Usually, doing it via manual motor FUE requires the utmost concentration of the hair transplant doctor for 2-4 hours, as he has to use his eyesight to gauge the direction of the hair grafts and then use a pen-like motor to extract every graft carefully, taking care not to damage the hair grafts or the graft tissue.

The robot does not tire or fatigue—the 1,000th graft is harvested the same as the first.  For those patients who are good candidates for robotic-assisted ARTAS Recipient Site Creation, they can feel comfortable that the recipient sites are being created between healthy existing hair without putting pre-existing hair in jeopardy.

Thirdly, because the extraction software determines the correct orientation, angle and direction of each follicular unit and uses an algorithm to randomly select grafts; the ARTAS is highly accurate and avoids harvesting too much donor hair from any particular area. Thus, the risks of both transection and visible scarring are dramatically reduced.



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Norwood Hamilton Classification of Male Pattern Hair Loss

Norwood Hamilton Classification of Male Pattern Hair Loss


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For enquiries, call us at +65 8742 1266 or e-mail us at



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South Korea has become one of the leading countries in the development of hair loss treatments. The cultural focus on maintaining aesthetical features has formed a fertile breeding ground for advancements in this technology.

Good science isn’t all that’s behind a successful robotic hair transplant – the practitioner must also exercise a degree of artistry and design knowledge to regain a natural-looking hairline. This is why we refer to the technique as ‘physician-assisted’ – a robot by itself does not have the ability to create a hairline that does not look like it’s been altered through artificial means.

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Developed to give baldness no chance of spreading!

Men can say goodbye to hair loss issues thanks to ARTAS hair transplants. If you’ve been let down by other non-surgical treatments – especially in the front hairline and around the temples – this is the most effective method available helping you to look and feel great with long lasting results.

The ARTAS Robotic FUE Hair Transplant System provides you with cutting edge technology combined with medical science, for precise, effective, accurate and visually-pleasing results.

How much does it cost?

Prices start from $8.50 / graft

Contact the Knightsbridge Clinic today to learn more about one of the most advanced hair loss treatments available.


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