HydraShine Regenalift | Signature Treatment of The Knightsbridge Clinic

Suffering from dull, dry skin? 

Resigned to dry skin and fine wrinkles?

Are you unhappy with your old-looking skin?

Want to do the DermaShine / WaterShine treatments but finding it troublesome to fly to Korea / Taiwan once a month?


The Knightsbridge Clinic’s signature treatment can improve all of the above common skin issues. Read on!







Combining stem cell serums, Restyl Skinboosters, Vitamin C, Glutathione, refresh, hydrate, whiten, plump up your skin with the HydraShine Regenalift

The Knightsbridge Clinic Signature Treatment : HydraShine Regenalift


HydraShine Regenalift


 Using a special and precise topical delivery system that is highly popular in Korea and Taiwan, 5 droplets of HydraShine Serums are introduced into the skin at a time, at a precise depth of 0.6mm to 1.6mm ( depending on the thickness of the individual’s skin thickness). It allows for the exact placement of the necessary ‘nutrients’ into the skin layer directly and accurately,  thus stimulating the cells in the skin layer directly.
You can expect your skin to become :


1. fairer and radiant
2. plump and hydrated
3. shiny, firm, supple and smoother
4. pigments to lighten


The protocol is 1 session of treatment, performed once a month. A course may consist of 3 sessions ( or more if the skin issues are more severe). The positive results of the skin will last for 1-1.5 years, before one repeats the course again. Of course, Korean, Taiwanese and China celebrities and movie stars are known to undergo this treatment every month to look their best in front of unforgiving cameras!


Strong Numbing Cream is applied to take away almost all discomfort and there is no downtime involved and one can go back right to work ( all thanks to Dr Israr Wong’s specially formulated Stem Cell EGF Mask, which is produced in Seoul).


HYDRASHINE REGENALIFT (consists of Restyl Skinboosters, 80% Stem Cell Serums, BTX and other contents)
starts from $650 onwards.


**The Knightsbridge Clinic’s proprietory Stem Cell EGF Growth Factor Mask is recommended after treatment for the fastest recovery and more effective results from the treatment.**


 Why fly to Seoul / Taiwan when you can have this treatment in the comfort of The Knightsbridge Clinic?


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