Management Team

Management Team

Ms Farah Rismawati Abdul Kader

Farah brings to the team her plethora of experience in communication and community outreach. She was formerly from the public sector with PMO and HPB, in policy review and engagement of Singaporean communities in South East Asia.

Mr Desmond Wan

Desmond was Country Marketing Manager previously in FMCG. He brings to the team his experience in digital marketing strategy and management for the different brands under the umbrella of The South Bridge Group.

Mr Koh Poh Hin, Darren

Darren comes from an investment background. He currently manages execution of sales and profit strategies as well as monitoring opportunities for investment in non-core business and business

Sales & Client Relations

Ms Christine Chin

Savvy in sales strategy and planning, Christine contributes to the team her extensive years of experience in the health and beauty sector, and develops sales strategies and training for the organisation.

Christine oversees the product research and development initiatives, as well as pioneers new ideas and concepts. Responsible for concept creation, product development and enhancement of the brand, Christine also formulates product training and also spearheads product costing, which is an integral part of product strategy.

Ms Janice Ngoh

Janice joined the group during the pioneer year, and manages sales and product creation. She oversees the client relations aspect as well as product training for knowledge transfer to new joinees.

She is attached to one of the brands, South Bridge Aesthetics Clinic on managing the day-to-day operations.

Ms Jesseka Toh

Jesseka monitors the market movement as well as comparative offerings in the market at large and reviews products and service offerings to be augmented in order to maintain or expand the clientele base.

She is attached to one of the brands, South Bridge Aesthetics Clinic on managing the day-to-day operations.

Ms Tiffany Koh & Ms Carine Ng

Also from the beauty and aesthetics industry, Tiffany and Carrine monitors the comparative offerings and competitors movement to enable the firm to understand the customers’ needs and movement.

Mr Teo Zhanrui & Ms Lam Pui Suan

As a power couple, Zhanrui is an educator and PuI Suan is an engineer by training, with keen interest in investment particularly in properties and business.

Mr Wilsurn Lim

Wilsurn comes from an extensive background in the media and advertising industry. He formulates PR strategies and brand voice for the various aesthetics clinics and manages PR related matters with key stakeholders. In his leisure, he is also an accomplished location fitness photographer with a varied portfolio of works of renowned individuals in the industry.

Our Story

The A Clinic Pte Ltd (201433021W)

The A Clinic Pte Ltd is the executive branch for development of corporate strategy and overseeing The Knightsbridge Clinic Pte Ltd, which is the operational branch of the brand.

It is responsible for the growth of The Knightsbridge Clinic Pte Ltd brand and sales strategy, bringing together a wide range of initiatives to navigate the business through continuous improvement.

As a young brand, The Knightsbridge Clinic has grown to be a brand that is forward looking in the medical aesthetics scene. The key drivers for success in our growth strategy are forward planning, people relations, and commitment to excellence.

Being in a highly competitive environment, with increasingly more brands in the market, it requires more than being a service provider to compete effectively. In managing the brand, The A Clinic prizes our team of dedicated management and staff on multiple fronts.

To ensure that we stay on top of our game, staff are sent for training conferences, picking up the latest trends and technique to offer our clients nothing but the best and up-to-date treatment options. We anticipate their needs and plan holistically what best suits them.

People relations and word of mouth are one of the most effective tools of outreach and here, we complement and blend with marketing & PR outreach efforts to constantly engage our clients through online and offline mediums. We organise exclusive limited events throughout the year to have a pulse and connection with our clients. It is with such face-to-face interactions outside of sales where we build goodwill and trust to advance beyond a transactional relationship with them.

Through gradual implementation of sales strategies, we have broken through consecutive highs to reach our monthly growth targets of $800,000 to $1 million in sales.

Key Milestones Events

1. The Knightsbridge Clinic Launch Preview Party 23/3/2015

2. Royal Albatross Event 2016

3. The Knightsbridge Clinic Women’s Golf Event 2016

4. Clique Elan VLV Party 2017

5. Halloween Horror Nights 2017