Korean V Lift | Non-Surgical V Face-Lifting with Absorbable Korean Threads

 Offering the Ultra V Lift and Korean Threadlift in Singapore


Are you suffering from an ageing face and sagging jowls, but looking for something that doesn’t require the risk or hassle of surgery?

Have you tried treatments like Thermage / Ulthera and are not satisfied with the results?

The Ultra V Lift and Korean Threadlift are modern, non-invasive treatments offered at The Knightsbridge Clinic that achieve real, noticeable results.


Read on to find out how you can get that youthful jawline and heart-shaped face that you have always dreamed of with minimal downtime.


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What is the Korean V Lift?

When threadlifts were first introduced, the technique used was highly painful and invasive. The procedure was performed using from two to four large-sized threads, and was used merely as an alternative to surgical treatment. That was until Korean surgeon and aesthetic dermatologist Dr Kwon Han Jin began developing a new way of providing the treatment while minimising discomfort and downtime. Also known as the Ultra V Lift, this new technique involved the use of a larger number of smaller threads and became extremely popular among celebrities who were seeking an effective beauty regime that fit within their busy schedule.

With this development, the latest non-invasive, no downtime Korean threadlift was born in Singapore at The Knightsbridge Clinic. It has been specially developed to help lift various areas of the face including the temples, forehead, mid-face tissue and jawline, and is particularly effective on Southeast Asian faces. The general contours around the face are also tightened to help accentuate a V-shaped jawline along with that renowned heart-shaped face, which is why it has become popular throughout China, Korea and Taiwan.


Why should you choose The Knightsbridge Clinic for your threadlift needs?

Our doctors has a strong focus on performing threadlift and achieving results near to or similar to a surgical facelift, but with the use of only threads OR energy devices (Thermage/Ulthera) combined with threads OR fillers combined with threads. Our main focus is on Threadlifts, Hair Transplant, BTX and Fillers.

Our doctors perform threadlifts almost everyday in The Knightsbridge Clinic, with or without fillers in combination, depending on the patient’s face. This is because we believe in creating the best facelift results for his patients rather than making exorbitant profits. After all, there is no rental pressure at The Knightsbridge Clinic. .


Which areas of the face can be treated using this method?

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Areas which can be treated

The Korean V Facelift is a highly versatile process that can basically be used on the whole face, which makes it an even better alternative to surgery.

Saggy, droopy areas: Cheeks, jowls, eyebrows, neck tissue

Folds: Smile lines, marionette lines (which occur as a result of upper face and mid-cheeks drooping.

Deep, permanent lines: Neck and forehead lines

Dark Eye Circles: Immediate lightening of the dark eye circles is observed, with sustained release of Vitamin C for the next 1 year; skin tightening, collagène production also occurs at the undereyes area. (lightening of the skin by up to 30-40% can be achieved by a PCL VC thread).

*Sunken undereyes will need HA fillers as well.*


Because it provides you with general tightening for the skin all over your face, the Korean threadlift that we offer in Singapore gives you a facial slimming effect which is particularly noticeable around the jawline.

In fact, the technique can also be used to tighten drooping underarm tissue to contribute to a more youthful experience; get in touch to find out more, as we may be one of the first aesthetic clinic in Singapore that offers to treat this difficult issue.

What are the threads made of?

Threads can be made with two different types of material:

  1. Polydioxanone (PDO), which is often used for stitching in surgeries, lasts from six to twelve months depending on the circumstances. The threads will typically be dissolved within no more than one year, but help stimulates the production of collagène in your skin which is an effect that can sometimes last until well after the thread has gone.
  2. Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA), another material often chosen for surgical sutures, is even more effective at stimulating collagène production with a thread lifetime of more than two years. Once dissolved, the material breaks down into lactate, glucose, carbon dioxide and water, and has become one of the commonly used materials by advanced thread lift doctors for treatment in Singapore. Even after the thread has dissolved, collagène production can last for up to one more year.
  3. Still talking about PDO Threadlifts ? The craze is using PLLA (same material as Sculp-tra) threads now as it lasts longer and produces much more collagen. #PLLA #futureofthreadlift #nolongerpdo #ultraVlift #Threadlift #cogs #tornadothreads #pllathreads

    Still talking about PDO Threadlifts ? The craze is using PLLA threads now as it lasts longer and produces much more collagène.


What is the theory behind a V lift?


How Korean thread lifts work to create a lifting and tightening effect.


threadlift treatment


How are the threads placed to create a ‘lift’ effect?

A vector is the combined resultant force of two single uni-directional forces. The specially designed threads are deliberately placed to achieve the vectors demonstrated in the above image, which lift key areas of the face up towards the hairline and temple.


What threads are used at the Knightsbridge Clinic?




We use threads with slight variations depending on where the lifting will occur.

Mono-filament threads (single strands of threads): Forehead, forehead lines, sagging neck, neck lines, under eyes, sunken lateral and/or lower cheeks

Twin Screw threads (two threads intertwined together in a helical fashion): General skin-tightening, Volume replacement at cheeks and sides of face

Cog/ Double-Sided Barbs / Screw Cog Plus threads: Slimming and lifting of the jawline, high-power lifting of saggy face and neck tissues

Depending on your circumstances, we will use a combination of all thread types to achieve holistic improvement and get the best possible result. Not only that, we have the latest threads available fresh from Korea, Japan and Taiwan.


Who is suitable for this treatment?

  1. Anyone that is suffering from sagging facial tissue and wants to avoid a surgical procedure
  2. Those with droopy or chubby areas of the face such as cheeks, jowls
  3. Individuals who have tried over-the-counter products or alternative treatments but have not achieved the results they desire


How long does the procedure take and how is it done?

Your face is numbed using a special cream that contains three different local anaesthetics, which is left on for 20 minutes to ensure it is properly absorbed. In addition to this, nerves are blocked with small injections to further reduce pain by preventing signals from being sent to the brain, meaning patients feel nothing more than mild discomfort. Antiseptics such as iodine and chlor-hexidine will then be used to cleanse the skin before each thread is inserted into a particular layer of skin, with great care taken to ensure no nerves or blood vessels are damaged in the process. This phase of the procedure usually takes approximately 20-30 minutes.


Are there any side effects?

There are no significant side effects expected as a result of the facelift. Minor side effects commonly seen in patients include:

  • Minor swelling for two to three days
  • Bruising (varies from person to person)
  • Mild discomfort (typically for a just one day)


Is there anything I should know post-treatment?

It’s important to finish the antibiotic prescribed, and we recommend to avoid making big facial expressions and cease supplement intake for three days.

Korean V Lift / Korean Threadlift Prices

Forehead / Eyebrow Lifting : $2500

Forehead Deep Permanent Lines Lightening : $1000-1200 (depending on number and depth of permanent lines)

Saggy, loose neck tightening : $2500

Jawline / Lower Face : $2500

Middle Face : $2500

 Middle and Lower Face (without forehead) + 1 syringe of Radiesse worth $800: $5000

 Forehead & Around Eyes : $2500

Loose Underarms Tightening : $2500


Combi-lift Prices + 1 syringe of Radiesse worth $800

Thermage CPT (Total Tip 600) + Middle & Lower Face Lift : $6500

Ultherapy (Middle & Lower Face) + Middle & Lower Face Lift : $6000