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facial filler treatment

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With the use of Radiesse, Restyl and Sculp-tra and other leading brands of filler, you can achieve the following benefits when you visit the Knightsbridge Clinic:

Cheeks: Signs of ageing can manifest through sunken and saggy cheeks which affect the smile and give you a tired look overall. Fillers are also known as a ‘Liquid Facelift’ and are often used to add volume and fullness to the cheeks to achieve a younger complexion.

Chin:Say goodbye to your rounded face and get the shape you desire with a chin filler. This helps accentuate the shape you are looking for and helps your chin stand out more to achieve that coveted V-shape. This is a subtle change that causes easily noticeable improvements to your face.

Lips: Lips play a big part in the overall appearance of your face, and a filler can increase the shape and fullness of your lips while leaving those thin lips behind.

Sculp-tra Aesthetic is not really a filler but a collagen-stimulator. Find out more here.

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Non-surgical nosejob

By focusing on the definition and height of your nose, this procedure achieves similar results to traditional rhinoplasty without the need to go under the knife. Also known as a non-surgical nosejob, it helps you achieve the following proportions:

chin fillers

Issue: “How do I fix the flat bridge of my nose?”
Answer: A filler sharply defines the bridge by raising its level.
chin fillers treatment

Issue: “The tip of my nose points down and looks long and hooked.”
Answer: A filler can correct this problem by raising the tip of your nose with an aim of lifting until the slope is just over 90 degrees for females (closer to 90 degrees in males).

Issue: “My nose is flat and undefined. What can I do?”
Answer:Fillers can achieve just about anything when it comes to your nose, and can provide anything from volume to lift. By visiting the Knightsbridge Clinic, you can improve the prominence of your nose without the need for surgery. The Radiesse filler is preferred for more effective sharpening and filling of the natural structure.
non-surgical nosejob

Chin Fillers

Chin fillers work in a similar way that they work for noses — by pronounced definition and sharpened form. We can help you add volume and get a V-shaped chin by addressing the following issues:

Issue: “What can I do to fix my recessive chin?”
Answer: If your chin is farther back and does not stick out with definition, your jawline and neck become blended together particularly when viewed from the side. Visit the Knightsbridge Clinic to have chin fillers injected to add volume and improve the overall shape of your face.
chin fillers treatment

Issue: “My chin lacks definition.”
Answer: Volumising chin fillers are ideal for this problem, and help define the jawline and contributes to a V-shaped chin.

Fillers for lips

Thinner lips and wrinkles surrounding the mouth tend to appear as we age and can make one looker older than they really are. Fillers help restore volume to saggy areas and offer a drastic improvement to your complexion by making you look fuller and younger.

While full lips help improve your appearance, we suggest that your upper lip be nothing more than 60% of the size of your lower lip to prevent over-filling. Speak with our staff if you have any questions or concerns.

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Fillers for cheeks

singapore facial filler treatment Studies have shown that cheeks are one of the most obvious signs of ageing, as they are quick to sag and contribute to a tired face as they lose volume over time.

Your diet and level of stress may also be a factor in a sunken and saggy face, but it can be fixed within 15 minutes with a single injection of filler per cheek. This will help solve:

Other factors such as stress and diet also play a part in the loss of facial volume and appearance of signs of aging. What’s important is the fact that you can restore volume in your cheeks with just 1 injection per cheek, in just 15 minutes. You’ll be able to solve these issues:

Issue: “My cheeks are flat and sunken.”
Answer: Restyl or Radiesse fillers work great for flat or sunken cheeks, and offer significant lift to correct this feature. This procedure is also known as the ‘Liquid Facelift’ due to its speed and effectiveness at wiping years off your complexion.
sunken cheeks treatment

Issue: “How can I remove my smile lines (nasolabial folds)?”
Answer: Similarly to sunken cheeks, wrinkles can be treated with facial filler treatments to provide the necessary lift that removes the lines. This takes only a few minutes and is one of the best way to achieve a younger looking face.
non-surgical nose job

As you are no doubt aware, our faces are continually changing and the relationship between your bones, muscles, skin tissue, fat and collagen plays a bit part in the overall structure. For this reason, we highly recommend using non-permanent facial filler treatments to improve volume and definition, as a more permanent procedure may not be right for you a few years down the track.

A natural looking face is sought after by many people, which is why procedures work best if they make subtle but effective changes. That’s why the philosophy at the Knightsbridge Clinic is “Looking younger every day and no one knows why”.

What else can fillers be used to treat?

The areas we have already mentioned are the most common parts of the face that we treat with fillers. However, there are a number of other ways in which we use fillers, including:

Marionette Lines:These are the lines on the face, from the corner of the mouth, that almost make it look like you are perpetually upset. This can be easily solved by injecting filler around the corner of the lips to help lift the area and remove the Marionette lines for a more open and positive appearance.

Hairline Lift:This new method was first used in Taiwan and Seoul by Dr Peter Huang, the renowned plastic surgeon. The process involves placing fillers at the temples just within the hairline to create lift in the mid and upper regions of the face. This can also be combined with a non-surgical facelift, Korea V Threadlift or Thermage CPT.

Jawline Accentuation:Similar to the use of chin fillers, your overall jawline can be improved with filler to remove fat deposits and signs of ageing, resulting in a more defined structure.

Temples:Sometimes, mature or athletic people suffer from sunken temples which affects the structure of the face and causes the cheeks to look out of place. A simple addition of volume to the area helps correct this issue and return the natural look.

Mild Acne Scarring:Even after acne has faded, the scars remain for some time if not permanently. We use Restyl Skinboosters (Vital) across 3 sessions to remove any minor acne scarring, with visits once a month recommended. This also helps hydrate your skin for a healthier appearance.

Sunken-looking hands:Hands often show the first signs of ageing, even before any change appears in the face. Facial filler treatments may not be enough if the appearance of your hands is deteriorating, which can be obvious by prominent tendons and a lack of subcutaneous tissue. We can use fillers to add volume between tendons and veins to minimise protrusion and rehydrate the skin.

3D Face Treatment:We can provide holistic enhancement of your facial features using BTX A and Fillers. Click here to find out more.

The science that makes it all work

Restyl Filler:This cutting edge treatment was developed by Q-Med in Sweden and uses patented NASHA™ (Stabilised Non-Animal Hyaluronic Acid) technology. The main advantage of this product is its long lasting effectiveness and ability to increase the biocompatibility (non-irritant to avoid allergic reactions) of hyaluronic acid around the body.

The collagen stimulation properties of Restyl has been clinically proven for its effectiveness (source: Arch Dermatol 2007 143:155.63) and it is considered one of the top two brands of hyaluronic acid fillers in the world. Collagen is one of the key ingredients for healthy, young looking skin all around the body. It has been used for more than 20 years as an aesthetic treatment, and lasts for 9 to 12 months.

facial filler treatment
Radiesse Filler:This filler is commonly used to achieve a “heart shaped” face and as a volumiser for additional collagen production. It comprises of calcium hydroxyapatite (a building block for the bones) in the form of calcium microspheres. It is fully approved by USA, AA, FDA and EU and is known for its fast-acting benefits in regards to volume and definition. Lasts 9 to 18 months when applied.

Both Radiesse and Restyl have received international attention for their results, and have been featured on programs such as CNN, ABC News and OPRAH.

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Frequently asked questions

1I have heard that the injections can be painful. Is this true?
You will only feel a mild sensation upon the entry of the needle, as our doctors bring the fillers in uses soft cannulas. This results in a much less painful procedure than having the needle fully inserted. If required, we do apply a numbing cream to the area to reduce any discomfort, however most patients do not require it.
2Will the results of a non-surgical nose job, chin fillers or any other facial filler treatments be permanent?
Restyl and Radiesse, the facial filler treatments we use, are naturally metabolised within 9 to 18 months after treatment. Permanent treatments often cause a negative appearance years down the track when the face has changed shape and structure.
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