Painless and safe hair removal

Painless and safe hair removal

Super Hair Removal™ Pro (SHR™ Pro) is one of those technologies which everybody loves. ( or at least everybody with excessive hair issues)

Before it came onto the market, clients with excessive body hair had to endure the pain of IPL or lasers. Some call the pain of IPL a ‘rubber band snap’ sensation, I call it a ‘slap in the face’. I tried IPL once, it’s not so much of the pain itself, but that feeling of ‘being slapped’ and that ‘fear of the next slap’ that bothers me.

That is why I brought in SHR into my practice. With SHR, there is just mild warming of the hair follicles with no pain, and yet the results are comparable or even better than IPL. It also uses an advanced light technology called AFT, equating to lower energy levels being used and no chance of burns. ( at least not in my practice)

It has proven results of more than 95% hair reduction after 6 sessions, has no pain, and misses no hair as it uses a rolling technology. Just check out this video.

First SHR treatment is only at half the usual rate. Come and be wowed by the comfort and efficiency of SHR. Package pricings are also available. Feel free to email or contact us here or call up +65 9730 9399 (24hr) for enquiries and appointments.