Painless rejuvenation of the face with light (no it’s not IPL)

Painless rejuvenation of the face with light (no it’s not IPL)

Clients interested in medical aesthetic management of the face all know about IPL ( intense pulsed light). It is one of the earliest technologies available to rejuvenate the skin.

It provides a general skin rejuvenation for superficial pigments, pores reduction, maybe even pimples. The downside are the horror stories we always hear about skin burns, hypo-pigmentation (when the melanin are severely damaged that they cannot regenerate) or hyper-pigmentation ( when the melanin are overly stimulated by the high light energy). Another downside is that ‘slap in the face’ feeling! It is not that painful, however, the feeling of ‘being slapped’ multiple times in the face is highly unbearable.

That is why I brought in the Lumitherm treatment. Utilising the Super Skin Rejuvenation™ (SSR™) technology from the trusted ALMA LASERS ( a top international laser company that originated from Israel), it only uses very low energy levels to do a better job than IPL – reducing superficial pigments ( like sunspots, freckles), reducing pores, freshening the skin, creating radiance and glow and instant skin whitening.

It also has a built-in cooler system in the probe, thus, there is no pain at all during treatment. It’s so comfortable that my clients even fall asleep during the treatment! Try to imagine falling asleep during IPL and we all know that it’s impossible.

A DR+ LAB Power VitaC Whitening masque (from the top medical-grade skincare brand in S. Korea) is applied after the treatment, leaving your skin rejuvenated, refreshed, glowing and instantly whitened.

It can be performed every 2 weeks and is recommended for clients with minor skin problems who just need that little reboot every few weeks to keep the skin in the best condition. It is also perfect for that glamour event glow. Just come in for Lumitherm on the morning of the event!