Say goodbye to your fats with one word – Liposonix!

Say goodbye to your fats with one word – Liposonix!

Liposonix is the newest FDA and HSA approved technology to reduce localised, resistant fats. Using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), the ultrasound energy is directed onto into the fats below the skin, not harming any other tissues, nerves and blood vessels in the process. It may well be mistaken for NASA’s work, the kind of specialised high-end technology that this machine possesses.

Most patients get 1 pant size and 1 inch smaller after 1 full treatment, which takes only 1 hour.

The best part about this machine is that it can target very localised fats, e.g thighs, underarms, bra-bulge, lower back. No other FDA-approved machine can do that currently.

Prices start from $150 per treatment square. A full treatment of tummy and flanks usually consists of 12-16 squares. Packages are available and share-able ( if no medical contraindications) for best savings. Do email or call +65 9730 9399 (24hr) for details!

There will be a special patient event coming up soon – stay tuned to this space for latest updates!