Silhouette Soft

Have you been wanting to do a threadlift but are worried about the downtime involved? Would you be interested in a threadlift that has ZERO downtime?

Are you seeking a natural lift without too drastic changes, or seeking a threadlift that is US FDA-approved?

What if there was a threadlift that can last 18 months and more, has 360° lifting power, and generates more collagen than PDO threads?


360° Cone Threadlift


What is Silhouette Soft® 360° Cone Threadlift 童颜铃铛线?

Silhouette Soft® is a non-invasive, no-downtime threadlift that is US FDA-approved. Made of Polylactic Acid (PLA), which is a stitching material used in major surgeries for more than 20 years and able to be absorbed by the skin, Silhouette Soft® utilises a unique bi-directional cone technology to tighten the skin, lift fat tissues and generate useful collagen at the treated areas.

The cones are special because they are able to be lodged very securely in the skin and fat tissue, causing intense tightening and collagen-generating effect due to the 360° circumferential effect of the cones. PolyLactic Acid takes around 18-24 months to be totally absorbed by the skin and thus this threadlift can last more than 18-24 months. It is now available at The Knightsbridge Clinic.

What are the signs of facial aging?

Signs of facial aging include:
  • Droopy eyebrows and eyelids
  • Cheek tissue that have moved downwards
  • Loose Facial Skin, especially over the central cheeks and sides of face
  • Deep Smile Line Folds
  • Presence of Jowls
  • Change of Facial Contour from a V to a widened U shape
  • Loose neck skin and presence of double chin fats

Why choose Silhouette Soft® over other threadlifts?

  • Immediate lifting effect
  • Progressive restoration of the body’s own lost collagen
  • Entirely re-absorbable material
  • Non-surgical technique
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Natural looking effect

How does Silhouette Soft® work?

PolyLactic acid (PLA), the main component of Silhouette Soft® is a well-known polymer that has been used for many years in a number of biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. It has a long history of use as resorbable suture, a drug delivery system and in surgery - in particular in orthopaedic fixation devices such as pins, rods and screws. It is also a key material in the development of tissue engineering.

Silhouette Soft® are made of a Poly L-Lacitc Acid monofilament with molded cones made of Lactide/ Glycolide. It was developed by scientists in the USA using reconstructive and aesthetic surgical expertise.

The suture acts as scaffolding under the surface of the skin to lift sagging soft tissues. The cones both hold the threads in place, and in time stimulates the body’s production of collagen to replace depleted facial volume which diminishes with age.

Silhouette Soft® works by:

  1. An immediate tightening effect
  2. Saggy fat tissues re-positioned and lifted upwards
  3. Bi-directional cones and threads stimulate the skin to produce large amounts of strong, collagen around them, restoring lost volume

Which areas can Silhouette Soft® be used for?

Silhouette Soft® can be used for:

  1. Forehead, Brow and Upper Eyelid Lifting
  2. Cheek Lifting
  3. Nasolabial Folds Smoothening (Smile Lines)
  4. Jawline Contouring and Slimming
  5. Neck & Double Chin Tightening

Which patients are the most suitable for Silhouette Soft®?

Patients most suitable for this unique cone threadlift are:

  1. Patients with thin skin and lack of fat tissue
  2. Patients who want no downtime
  3. Patients who want a subtle gradual lift and doesn't want to have drastic changes

Men are scared of pain, want no downtime, and wouldn't want to have drastic changes, so they are one of the most suitable patient groups for Silhouette Soft®.

Caucasian and Asian patients with thin skin or little fat tissue are also highly suitable for Silhouette Soft®.

This treatment is also recommended for patients who want NO DOWNTIME.

How is it different from other threadlifts?

Silhouette Soft® threadlift is different because it:

  1. Has almost ZERO downtime
  2. US FDA-approved
  3. Produces much more collagen and results than PDO threads
  4. Restores more volume than PDO threads
  5. Lasts more than 18-24 months

Which doctors can provide Silhouette Soft® treatments?

Silhouette Soft® is unable to be reversed once inserted. It is suitable for aesthetic doctors/surgeons who are highly experienced in facial anatomy, and with good threadlift experience. The insertion of Silhouette Soft® has to be precise, accurate and safe to avoid any long term complications as it can last more than 18-24 months. The doctors at The Knightsbridge Clinic have had multiple cadaver dissection experience, and also had extensive experience with threadlifts.


If you want a threadlift with no downtime, Silhouette Soft® is most suitable for you.

If you want to restore volume and youth to your face, re-position your saggy, droopy fats to their original positions and look 5-10 years younger, then you will love Silhouette Soft®.

If you are a Caucasian patient wanting a non-surgical facelift, then Silhouette Soft® is the one for you.

If your doctor is highly experienced in threadlifts and skilled in facial anatomy, then he is the right doctor to use Silhouette Soft® on your face.

If you are having signs of facial aging but are not keen on a surgical facelift, then Silhouette Soft® is made for you.

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