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There is a completely painless treatment that could solve all your problems.

Shockwave treatment has a long history of use in medicine, and has often been used to treat patients with kidney stones. Today, the technology has been adapted to treat men that are having trouble with erectile dysfunction (ED).

This ailment is a highly personal medical issue that can be difficult to treat, because many that suffer do not share their problem and never get the treatment that could change their lives. ED 1000 shock wave therapy involves sending a shockwave of a particular frequency into the penile shaft and improving blood flow. It is a remarkably simple treatment that has been proven in its effectiveness when used with patients that suffer from ED.

Using the ED 1000 shock wave therapy

This treatment is backed up by clinical studies that have assessed its effectiveness on erectile dysfunction. Take a look at the video below to see a visual representation of how it works.

ED 1000 shock wave therapy involves a handheld device being angled towards the shaft of your penis while shockwaves of a low intensity travel through the shaft and promote the creation of healthy blood vessels. With treatment from 25 to 45 minutes, your penis will expand much more easily and allow a higher level of blood flow.

This whole process is known as neo-vascularisation, and is a completely painless way to treat what can be a life altering condition. There are no reported side effects of ED 1000 shock wave therapy, and a regular course of treatment usually comprises of six sessions. The frequency of these session can be:

1) Every day for 6 days
2) Every second day over an 11 day period
3) 2 times a week for 3 weeks

Medispec makes a strong medication that a 5mg dose per day during erectile dysfunction treatment can achieve the most effective results. According to studies undertaken both locally and internationally, patients have a massive 70-85% response rate after only a single course of therapy.

Positive response include:

a) More frequent erections
b) More rigid erections
c) Ability to maintain an erection and perform entire act of sexual intercourse d) Freedom to reduce or cut out medication.

ED 1000 shock wave therapy is a pivotal step forward in the effective management of Erectile Dysfunction. Imagine being able to reinvigorate your life and potentially remove the need for medication!

What exactly is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

ED can be broken down into 3 major symptoms:

(1) You find it difficult to get an erection
(2) If you do get an erection, it is difficult to maintain
(3) You have a reduced libido (or desire for sex)

ED is a problem that affects more than just your sex life. It can strike at any age and often extends its negative effects into the general mental health of the sufferer.

To gain a proper understanding of the issue, it is important to think about how an erection occurs. A penis becomes erect when there is a large volume of blood entering the shaft as a result of stimulation or arousal. This arousal causes the muscles to relax, which allows blood to flow in more easily — this process expands the size of the penis and causes rigidity by increasing pressure.

Erectile dysfunction is when any sort of interruption inhibits this process, whether it be mental or physical. There can be many different reasons for this interruption, although the cause is not always obvious or known at all.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

There are a number of factors which have been linked as causes of erectile dysfunction, and someone suffering from the problem could be experiencing any combination of these.

(1) Mental: This is a broad category and could include depression, relationship problems, stress, anxiety and more.

(2) Medication: Some medical prescriptions have been associated with ED including anti-depressants, anti-hypertensives and benzodiazepines.

(3) Reduced blood flow: If the blood is not flowing efficiently throughout the body, this can hinder the process of getting and maintaining an erection. Conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and ischemic heart disease are common causes.

(4) Testos-terone deficiency: This hormone helps men function sexually and any low levels of testos-terone can inhibit an erection.

(5) High risk activities: There has been suggested links between ED and a number of activities including drinking alcohol, smoking and an unhealthy diet. Anything from thin blood vessels to hardened vessel walls affect the ability to get an election.

How dangerous is ED?

The feeling of sexual arousal is completely normal for men, and is in fact an important part of life at the appropriate times. If this instinctive feelings vanish for any number of reasons, it can wreak havoc on the health of the individual beyond the bedroom.

General quality of life often goes down while suffering from ED, while any marriages or relationships can be put to the test. Both sexual intercourse and a general feeling of satisfaction within a relationship release serotonins and endorphins in the brain, which help keep us happy and mentally stable.

As mentioned above, stress is another common cause of ED and can be hard to avoid in the hustle and bustle of modern life. If stress becomes too much for you, you may begin suffering from ED which can often trigger a further deterioration in happiness. This cycle tends to go continue as ED and the stress both affect one another.

An extension of these symptoms can be a disruption in sleep patterns, which is a common but sometimes serious issue that can have a significant impact on your health. Growth, immune function and other factors can be inhibited without the right amount of sleep, in addition to a general sense of lethargy throughout your daily life.

Studies have suggested that there is a link between ED and blood vessel complications, which are sometimes a sign of stroke and coronary heart disease.

Despite all these risks, there is no need to worry — a clinically proven, non-invasive treatment is available in the form of ED 1000 shock wave therapy.

How to diagnose ED?

It’s possible that you may not even be sure you are suffering from ED. Take a look at the following questionnaire called the IIEF-5 and answer the questions as truthfully as you can. Add up the scores at the end, and if the total is under 21 it indicates that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

erectile dysfunction treatment

ed 1000 shock wave therapy

Getting started is easy

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that needs to be taken seriously. Countless men suffer from it every day, and it can quickly put stress on a relationship.

Temporary fixes are a hassle and highly unreliable — gone are the days when you have to carefully time when you take a pill in order to sustain an erection.

If you have had enough dealing with Erectile Dysfunction and all the issues that come about as a result, get ED 1000 shockwave therapy and enjoy a painless, non-invasive treatment that actually cures the condition instead of simply providing temporary relief.

A session of ED 1000 starts from $375(per session for package of 6 sessions) or $400 (ala carte pricing). [NO GST]

Better results are achieved when a daily 5mg dose of prescribed medication is started one week before starting treatment and concurrently during treatment.

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