Venus’s Kisses | Amazing Instant No-Downtime Non-Surgical Facelift

Been wanting to lift the saggy tissues of your face but too young for a surgical facelift?

Do you want to do a facelift with instant visible results with no downtime?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your doctor knew how to combine synergistically lifting fillers, lifting threads and stem cell serums?

Get your face looking younger by 10 years or more with a 30 minute lifting procedure from Taiwan’s renowned plastic surgeon Dr Peter Huang


Venus’s Kisses


 Imagine being kissed a few times by the Goddess of Love. That would be enough to rejuvenate your face with hardly a trace of something done! Therein lies the concept of this new treatment by The Knightsbridge Clinic.


Originating from the renowned plastic surgeon Dr Peter Huang of Taiwan, this non-surgical facelift aptly named Venus’ Kisses combines the best of the Hairline Lift (with Radiesse or Restyl SubQ fillers) and Korean Barb Threads all in one treatment.


Previously, the traditional threadlift can cause a lot of swelling and downtime due to the aggressive way of thread insertion and the sheer bulky thread size. With the Venus’s Kisses now, our doctors only needs to insert 10 small threads per half face for obvious facelifting results with MINIMAL downtime and swelling. 


Witness the potent regenerative powers of stem cells in our doctors’ hands as he works his special way of boosting the lifting power of the threads with stem cell serums.


Patients who have done this treatment already are always pleasantly shocked at the facelifting results halfway through the treatment when our doctors show them the difference between their treated and untreated half faces.


Most important of all, there is minimal swelling and hardly no downtime and patients can go back to work the same day!



Venus’s Kisses Prices


Starting from  : $5300 (4 syringes of Fillers and VFace PowerLift)


** Some patients may need more than 6cc of Fillers and prices will be quoted during consultation **


** Stem Cell Serums are charged separately according to the grade**