What is the 3D Face Treatment ?

What is the 3D Face Treatment ?

picture showing parts of the face that can be augmented with fillers to create a three-dimensional facial structure

Parts of the face that can undergo the 3D Face Treatment

The 3D Face Treatment is a treatment principle pioneered by The Knightsbridge Clinic to augment one’s facial features WITHOUT SURGERY.


The aim is to create a 3 Dimensional Look for one’s face structure which translates to youthfulness and attractiveness.


Common areas are :

A. Nose bridge (to increase the bridge height, to create a clearer definition of the bridge), nose tip (to project the tip forward and upwards)

B. Chin (to create a sharp V-shaped chin)

C. Cheeks (to replace lost volume due to aging)

D. Tear Trough / Undereye hollowing / “Eyebags” (to replace lost volume which creates a dark shadow)

E. Temples ( to replace lost volume and reduce sunken temples due to aging)

F. Aegyosal (creation of a lower eyelid bulge)

F. Eyebrows (for a subtle outer eyebrow lift)

E. Jaw Muscle (to reduce the chewing muscle with BTX injections, slimming the face)


Prices are as follows :

1. 3D Face Treatment (Basic) – $1000 (consists of 1 syringe of fillers and 1 session of square jaw BTX)

2. 3D Face Treatment ( Advanced) – $1500 (consists of 2 syringes of fillers and 1 session of square jaw BTX)


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